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Compact Track Loaders

CAT Compact Track Loaders are with steel embedded rubber track and steel undercarriage components for maximum life even in aggressive applications. They are the preferred choice for work in abrasive and rocky soils. Their suspension makes use of torsion axles just as the single level suspension system on the C-Series multi terrain loaders does and provides smooth ride, reduced shock and vibration throughout the machine and good load retention. 




Net Power
Operating Weight

Rated Operating Capacity

239D3 C 3.3 DIT 50,1/67,1 3372 930 Download
249D3 C 3.3 DIT 50,1/67,1 3552 1043 Download
259D3 C 3.3 DIT 55,4/74,3 4076 1315 Download
279D3 C 3.3 DIT 55,4/74,3


1331 Download
289D3 C3.3 DIT 55,4/74,3 4848 1724 Download
299D3 C3.3 DIT 55,4/74,3 5200 2255 Download
299D3 XE C 3.8 82/110 5265 2315 Download