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Pallet Trucks

The CAT Power Pallet Trucks can be ordered with or without a platform for the operator and can be stand-on or sit-on models. Their maximum speed is 9 km/h (when a platform is available). The ergonomically designed console groups all controls and allows comfortable operation with both hands - right or left . The safety operation is guaranteed by the automatic breaking when releasing the accelerator – for safe and easy handling on ramps and loading docks. The strong chassis design offers greater stability and high fork visibility for easy fork pallet entry. The console display, which includes warning lights, drive direction indication, hour meter and battery charge indicator keeps the operator informed at all times.

The power pallet truck can also be ordered with twin drive tires for an even distribution of the load weight and easy handling of the pallets. The battery charger can be on-board or outboard. The use of a double battery is also possible in case of highly productive operations.

Video Cat Power Pallet Trucks without a platform.

Video Cat Power Pallet Trucks with a platform.




Load Centre Distance
NPP13M 1300 600 1173 Download
NPP16M 1600 600 1294 Download
NPP20M 2000 600 1370 Download
NPP20MR 2000 600 1370 Download
NPR20N 2000 600 1525 Download
NPS20N 2000 600 1674 Download
NPV20N 2000 600 1385 Download
NPV20ND 2000 600 1553 Download
NPV25NH 2500 600 1528 Download