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Order Pickers

The CAT Order Pickers include models and options, designed to suit almost any low, medium and high level order picking applications with maximum picking heights of 11.50 meters. The lifting capacity is 1 and 2 tonnes. These trucks can be equipped with a rising platform and/or lifting forks options and ergonomic adjustable steering console, which permits precise manoeuvring. In this case the operator can be raised to the required level so that he is able to pick all items and place them in the boxes on the pallet, being able also to operate the truck.

The CAT order pickers are 24V or 48V and with the fully programmable drive speed controller and the lift height preselector they can suit any specific application. Their turning circle radius is short and the manoeuvring - smooth and precise. The maintenance and service is easy due to the quick access to all components. Built in diagnostics monitor the truck performance to minimize the truck downtime. 



Load centre distance
NO10NSPF 1000 600 1890 Download
NO20NE 2000 600 2040 Download
NO20NSP 2000 600 2025 Download
NO20NT 2000 600 1928 Download
NOL10N 1000 600 1290 Download
NOL10NF 1000 600 1290 Download
NOL10NV 1000 600 1270 Download
NOH10N 1000 600 1490 Download
NOH10NH 1000 600 1490/1525 Download