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Warehouse equipment

The wide range of CAT warehouse trucks includes power pallet trucks, stacker trucks, reach trucks and turret trucks and order pickers. All these models feature a compact chassis, ergonomic control consoles and durable structures. They are equipped with AC motors which deliver optimum power even when handling heavy loads. They are brushless, which extends their life and reduces their operating costs. Thanks to the AC motors all trucks have a precise control, fast acceleration and low levels of noise.

The load lifting and lowering is controlled electronically. The trucks can be equipped with different types of masts – simplex, duplex and triplex. With these trucks also the regenerative braking ensures efficient use of battery energy, which speeds up working cycles, extends battery life and reduces brake wear. Rapid access to all major components and systems makes service fast and simple and self diagnostics of all electric systems of the truck is automatically done each time the truck is started.