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Rebuild Programs

Eltrak provides different rebuild programs, all meant to give you a “good as new” Caterpillar® machine at a fraction of the cost.

A rebuild from Eltrak can benefit your business because:

  • Eliminates the expense of purchasing brand-new equipment
  • Extends the useful life of your existing equipment
  • Restores engines to like-new performance
  • Modernizes engines by incorporating critical engineering updates
  • Rebuilt engines are tested to ensure compliance with Caterpillar specs

Certified Rebuilds

A Certified Rebuild is the most comprehensive reconditioning process that Eltrak offers. The machine is completely stripped down and all non-metal components are replaced. This rebuilding procedure is a more cost-effective alternative than purchasing a new machine.


Powertrain Rebuilds

Although less in-depth than a Certified Rebuild, as only the powertrain components are replaced, a Powertrain Rebuild can provide a significant improvement to the machine’s performance. This rebuild process is a good choice if your goal is to strike an effective balance between cost and performance.


Second-Life Rebuilds

A Second-Life Rebuild is our most economical rebuilding option. This process provides the appropriate mix of thorough inspection, reconditioning and replacement of components to breathe new life into an older machine.


As an Authorized Caterpillar Dealership, you can be sure all our rebuilt equipment lives up to the highest of Caterpillar standards for durability, dependability and technology.