Изпрати Запитване

CAT Certified Used

Eltrak Bulgaria also offers CAT Certified Used Equipment with warranty of 6 up to 12 months (500 up to 1000 smu). These machines have the Cat® Certified Used identifier and are in ‘work ready’ condition. The risk of downtime of these machines is minimum, because:

• Each Cat® Certified Used machine has been inspected and serviced according to strict Caterpillar® standards. Up to 140 inspection points cover the entire machine (engine, hydraulics, undercarriage, transmission, electrical system, control system, work tools, and even the operator station and general appearance). The control of the operating and service parameters is conducted according to the uncompromising CAT standard, so these machines meet the manufacturing requirements of Caterpillar;
  • These machines have been serviced using only original Cat® Certified Used spare parts, fluids and filters;
  • The machines are not over a certain age and have not worked for more than a certain number of hours;
  • They have minimum 50% undercarriage and tyre life remaining;
  • Their fluids have been checked by Scheduled Oil Sampling analysis;
  • Their work tools have been examined and serviced;
  • They have ‘near new’ appearance;
  • We have the records of all technical maintenance activities and repairs performed prior to the machine’s

Why Cat® Certified Used ?

  • Financial solutions through CAT Finance;
  • Lower capital investments;
  • Lower risk of machine downtime;
  • One single supplier of the equipment, the financial services and the product support – Eltrak Bulgaria;
  • Better lease conditions compared to those of an external financial institution.