Изпрати Запитване

Product Support Services

The Preventive Maintenance is based on various programs for complete equipment inspection and technical analysis and on separate programs for inspection of the hydraulic system, undercarriage, etc.

The Customer Service Agreements for warranty and post-warranty services include 3 levels:

• Inspection + - it covers an annual inspection, parts for maintenance services, S.O.S. (analysis of the machine fluids in special laboratories for determining the state of a certain component of an assembly), an electronic monitoring system and recommendations for maintaining the machines’ optimum technical availability

• Maintenance – it covers all services included in "Inspection +", but, instead of annual, the inspections are regular ones, in accordance with the  manufacturer’s instructions for operation and maintenance, plus labour and the items (parts, filters, fluids) required for such maintenance, as well as knowledge of the service history of the equipment.

 Maintenance and repair – it also covers repair parts and labour. To guarantee the technical availability of the equipment, preventive replacement is performed of some parts and consumables after a certain number of hours. Thus, the Service Agreement reduces to a minimum the risk of downtime.