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Cold Planers

CAT Cold Planers are powered by CAT ACERT diesel engines, which meet all EU Strage IIIA regulations and provide power and fuel efficiency. They remove worn or deteriorated pavement to a specific grade and slope, remove bumps, ruts and other imperfections and leave a textured surface that can be opened immediately to traffic or overlayed with new asphalt. These high productive machines are usually used on roads with heavy traffic where large volumes of work should be completed for a short time and where the speed of processing and the machine performance are of utmost importance.

ModelEngineGross Power
(kW /hp)
Operating Weight

Cutting Width

PM310 C9.3 ACERT 242/325 21 655 1000 track/wheel Download
PM312 C9.3 ACERT 242/325 21 842 1225 track/wheel Download
PM313 C9.3 ACERT 242/325 21 946 1300 track/wheel Download
PM620 C18 ACERT 470/630 33 330
2010 track Download
PM622 C18 ACERT 470/636 33 900
2235 track Download
PM820 C18 ACERT 563/755 32 230 2010 track Download
563/755 32 860 2235 track Download
PM825 C18 ACERT 563/755 33 600 2505 track Download