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Track Pavers

CAT Pavers Range includes 4 models with operating weight from 4 to 20 tons and maximum paving width from 3 to 10 meters. To the production class pavers belong the model AP 655F, which is equipped with CAT ACERT engines, which meet all EU Strage IIIA regulations and provide power and fuel efficiency. The other technical features include: dual swing-out operator’s station with sliding control console for greater visibility; high-capacity cooling system for keeping asphalt fumes away from screed crew and operator; independent operation of the augers and conveyors for precise mix delivery; choice of electric or LPG heating system for the screeds. AP655F can be equipped either with the unique Mobil-track fully bogied undercarriage, that provides increased traction, less ground pressure, excellent flotation and travel speed of 14.8 km/h, or with a steel track undercarriage, as an economic alternative.

ModelEngineGross Power
Operating Weight

Max. Paving Width

AP255E C2.2 34.1/46 4 650 2600 Download
AP355F C3.3B 55/74.8 8730 4600 Download
AP555F C4.4 ACERT 106/144 17 290
7500 Download
AP655F C6.6 ACERT 129/175 20 116
10000 Download