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Wheel Pavers

CAT Wheel Paver Range includes 3 models with maximum paving width from 4 to 8 meters. Ideally suited for small to medium paving operations in city streets and town centers, the compact model AP300 is with operating weight of 8 tons, maximum travel speed of 16 km/h and standard paving width to 4 m. The production class model – the 18 ton AP600D is equipped with CAT C6.6 ACERT engine, with gross power 176 hp and standard paving width to 8 m. This model features dual swing-out operator’s station with sliding control console for greater visibility; high-capacity cooling system for keeping asphalt fumes away from screed crew and operator; independent operation of the augers and conveyors for precise mix delivery. The hydraulically extendible screeds are available with variable frequency tamper and vibrators and with LPG or electric heating system. The machines’s travel speed is 18 km/h.

ModelEngineGross Power
(kW /hp
Operating Weight

Max. Paving Width

AP300F C3.3B 55/74.8 8 200 4000 Download
AP500F C4.4 ACERT 106/144 16 651 6500 Download
AP600F C6.6 ACERT 129/175 17 335
8000 Download