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Fuel Contamination Control

Fuel system contamination can cause serious problems in any diesel engine.


Ways to Control Fuel System Contamination

  • For maximum protection, select a filter that’s effective Look at the micron rating 4 micron and smaller, Beta Rating what is acceptable and what is not.
  • Don’t be misled by ambiguous filter rating systems. Focus instead on product features, structural integrity and consistency of quality.
  • Buy fuel from a reliable supplier: Fuel quality and cleanliness vary from one supplier to the next, so make sure you’re buying from someone you trust.
  • Manage fuel storage and transfer: To keep sediment, dirt and other contaminants out of your fuel supply, periodically drain and flush all storage containers, including tanker trucks and stationary tanks. Install proper desiccant breathers on all tanks to trap dust or any water entering through expiation and contraction for Thermal changes.
  • Involve operators: Operators play a key role in reducing fuel system contamination. At the start of each shift, they should perform a quick visual inspection.
  • Contaminants often invade an engine while it’s being serviced. To minimize service-related contamination, technicians should be taught to use proper maintenance and repair processes.