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Oils and antifreeze Cat

Cat® oils are specially formulated for the full performance and long life of Caterpillar machines and engines. They provide uncompromising protection for the different brand equipment systems. For this purpose, many tests have been carried out in real and simulated conditions where the performance of these fluids is kept constantly high. Cat oils exceed the requirements of industry standards and develop alongside changes in engine and engine design.

  • Cat DEO engine oils extend the life of diesel engines, including those with ACERT technology. They are normally used in all factory Sat machines. When coupled with Caterpillar's S · O · S service, their shift interval can reach 500 hours. They also cover the latest gasoline engine specifications.


  • Hydraulic oil Cat HYDO Advanced 10 is a revolutionary development by Caterpillar. It combines high-quality attachments and specially selected base oils. Its shift interval is significantly longer and reaches up to 6000 hours using S · O · S service of Caterpillar, and its protection against wear and corrosion is exceptional. Cat HYDO Advanced 10 is easier to filter, deliver faster air, retains its properties in a wider temperature range, and offers an elegant way to tackle water pollution.


  • CatTDO transmission oils extend the life of friction discs by up to 45% and provide excellent performance for gears and bearings. They are developed as an integral part of power-operated transmissions, ball valve braking systems and Caterpillar's hydrostatic systems.

  • Cat FDAO and Cat MTO drive axles and gear drives reduce maintenance costs, providing high wear resistance to discs and oil tank systems. They can also be used at low temperatures even up to -25 ° C. They have high thermal stability and resistance to oxidation, which adapts them to difficult operating conditions. Cat GO cat oil allows work at extreme pressures. It is stable at high and low temperatures and its considerable resistance to oxidation reduces deposition and wear of gears and bearings.


  • S ∙ O · S - FOR EARLY DETECTION OF PROBLEMS Protect your investments with S ∙ O · S-analysis of the oil. This Caterpillar system is an ideal tool for diagnosing your equipment and detecting potential problems before they occur and have caused serious, costly failures and unplanned downtime in your technique.


  • The Cat ELC antifreeze has been developed, tested and approved by Caterpillar and conforms to the same high standards as all original Cat parts. With it, the cooling systems of all Caterpillar machines are factory-charged; Cat ELC eliminates the need for additional additives, prolongs the cooling fluid change interval and reduces waste treatment requirements. This reduces costs by as much as 500% compared to conventional antifreezes; The high degree of protection of metallic elements in Cat ELC is due to the combination of advanced technology and corrosion inhibitors (organic acid based additives - monocarboxylates and dicarboxylates - to achieve maximum protection of metals such as copper, brass, tin, Cast iron and aluminum); The antifreeze agent Sat has retained the qualities of Cat ELC up to 1,000,000 km or 12,000 hours.