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Reach Trucks

The CAT Reach Trucks are ideal for lifting operations at maximum working heights – from 4.80 to 11.50 meters and in very narrow aisles. Their capacity range is from 1.4 to 2.5 tonnes. All models are with fingertip controls for all hydraulic functions, while the multi-way reach trucks have limitless 360-degree electronic steering for enhanced manoeuvrability. CAT Reach Trucks are equipped with strong triplex powerRamic mast for unobstructive view for the operator and can be customized for drive in racking application. Some of the models have as a standard lift height pre-selector.

The multi-way reach trucks have capacities from 2  and 2.5 tonnes. They are used for handling specific loads – long or large volume loads (tubes, profiles, etc.). They are real multi-directional trucks, moving in all directions (sideways and diagonal) through a precise positioning and rotation of the driving wheels by just pressing a button. A positioner adjusts the distance between the fork tines. The new NR-N2 range is presented by 11 models provided with new colour display and enhanced visibility to the fork tips thanks to the narrower mast. The new-generation MicroCommand controller allows different pre-selections to be made to match different applications and operators.


Video CAT Reach Trucks.



Max. Lift Height
Chassis Width
NR14N2S 1,4 7500  1270 Download
NR14N2HS 1,4 9000  1270 Download
NR16N2S 1,6 7500  1270 Download
NR16N2HS 1,6 9000  1270 Download
NR16N2 1,6 7500  1270 Download
NR16N2H 1,6 11500  1270 Download
NR16N2C 1,6 7500  1100 Download
NR16N2HC 1,6 9000  1100 Download
NR20N2H 2,0 11500  1270 Download
NR20N2X 2,0 13000  1440 Download
NR25N2X 2,5 11500  1440 Download
NRM20K 2,0 9000 1700 Download
NRM25K 2,5 9000 1700 Download